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"Art is a taperstry of imagination, originality, community and personal experiences"

                                              (Peter McMath)

With a creative career spanning more than three decades, Peter McMath is a celebrated national and international artist who specializes in painting, creative costume and set design, drawing and a host of other mixed media disciplines.

Beginning in 1985 with a scholarship for studies at Memphis College of Arts where he earned a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, Peter began his career as the first assistant and head set and costume designer for noted Director George Latimere of the Tennessee Ballet. Shortly after graduating, Peter moved his talents to San Diego where he served as teaching artist at San Diego Institute for Arts Education, while simultaneously studying modern dance. His studies in dance afforded him with opportunities to travel nationally and internationally with several notable dance and theater companies such as the Issac McCaleb Dancers, the Solera Flamenco Dance Company, California Ballet Theater and many others while dually contributing his skills as a costume designer. By 1994, Peter found himself in New York City first serving as a teaching artist at the Famed Columbia Teachers College while studing his Master in Fine Art/Early childhood development and serving in progressively greater leadership roles for a number of notable dance and theater companies, schools and nonprofit organizations. Peter has an immense photo and video portfolio which showcases his tremendous talents and leadership abilities in theater,dance,music and other forms of art working with both youth and adult participants of all ages. His kaleidoscope of creative techniques, design experience and connections in the art community has made him a highly sought after consultant and mixed media artist on both national and international scales. There is very little in the creative industry that Peter doesn't know how to do and all that he does is done with an unmatched sense of style and class.

Peter resides in Brooklyn, New York where he operates his own studio, Pter Designs, and can be commissioned for a host of creative exploits where diligence,excellence,integrity and originality are key. For more information contact or

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